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Woman receiving a facial skincare treatment and facial massage.

Love the skin you are in, with a signature treatment.

Spa enhancements, skincare  products, bodycare products and beauty tools.

So many different Skin sensations!

Back treatment also known as a Back Facial or "Bacial".

Pamper your posterior with precision! Your back will thank you.

Makeup and cosmetics.

Look refreshed and vibrant. Add color and increase your radiance!

Youthful eyes with shaped eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Make sure yours are impactful!

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Beautiful skin is a lifestyle. Create a habit; change your life.



​​Facial wellness is the key to putting your best face forward. Treat and nourish your skin with an intricate experience Read more on our Treatments page...


​​Body Acne is real. Our Backs can be hard to reach, and many times are left neglected. This targeted treatment deeply exfoliates, so you don't have to. Read more on our Treatments page...


​​Accentuate your pretty peepers with beautifully shaped brows. Banish crows feet and revive fatigued eyelids. These relaxing services are sure to be eye-opening.  Read more on our Treatments page...


​​Upgrading your facial treatment never felt or smelled so good. Level up your treatment results by adding one or several special boosts!  Read more on our Treatments page...


​​Enliven your skin with these singular "a la carte" treatments and duo services that are intended to pump up your glamorous glow for momentous occasions!  Read more on our Treatments page...


​​Creating a regular facial routine helps to keep your skin looking optimal! Helping to prevent breakouts and asphyxiated dull skin. Check out these excellent options.  Read more on our Treatments page...

Skincare Philosophy

True beauty is natural and organic. It emanates from within. The best way to preserve and protect our beauty is to nurture and nourish it with ingredients that are pure, potent and authentic. 

I strive to Awaken my clients by creating an ambience and experience that is both invigorating to the skin and the spirit. Leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and radiating your unique beauty.


There comes a time in one's life when their purpose catches up with them. Suddenly the moments, that at one time may not have made sense become a collection of harmonious puzzle pieces to a bigger picture. That is when the passionate unfolding of purpose begins. 

A vital part of my evolution has been to be of aid and service to helping others embrace and nurture their authentic and unique beauty. And I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Neddy Rodriguez- Estheician, Spa Owner and Author.
Skin Oasis Subscription (SOS) Facial Membership program at  Awaken -Skincare by Neddy.

Facials are crucial for your face and should be part of your hygienic self-care regimen. With the stress of everyday routine, cosmetics, environmental conditions, air pollution, and lifestyle choices, your skin takes a daily beating! If it could speak, it would be screaming, and if it were versed in morse code, it would probably beat S.O.S regularly!

What is the Skin Oasis Subscription?

This Bi-Annual V.I.P. membership is a six-month subscription series at $100 per month for those serious about "saving their skin" and helping it become the best it can be!  Many have asked me: "How often should I be getting facials?"

My response is always: "In a perfect world, everyone would get facials once a month."  I passionately believe that to be true. After having this scenario repeat frequently, I decided to do my part in making this a possibility by launching the formally named Skin Gym Membership in September of 2018. It continues to grow and improve with every new quarterly series. 

It has been a GREAT success, with members seeing a change in their skin for the better!

Here's some feedback from current members:


"My experience with Neddy doing the Skin Gym has been fantastic! I can honestly say my skin has never been better. Even after trying so many changes to my skin regimen and diet. I trust her with my skin, which I have never been able to say about another facialist! She sent the CUTEST starter box with testers and great coupons for different new products and treatments. Couldn't be happier with my progress!"

- Chloe J. 

UPDATE: This Subscription will be RELAUNCHING on a new 6 month cycle, on  May 1st, 2022!  

Limited spaces available, please contact us to get further information on how to register.



Monday: Closed

Tuesday:  10:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Friday:  10:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday: Closed


Please NOTE that if you have canceled your appointment under 24hrs before your scheduled arrival,

this will be considered a LATE cancellation, thus subject to a fee of 50% of the value/price of your appointment.

No shows with no cancelation will be charged full price.


(310) 957-2978

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